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Sooo bored...

So Im sittig here with nothing to do for another hour till my next class starts... and holey carp the keyboard Im using blows chunks... missing letters everywhere, so that I have to go back and fix them so that whoever reads this may have at least a tiny bit of understanding what Im going on about.
I wish I had money. I currently have about $3 in both of my bank accounts. Which is not enough to live off of. However, I have a credit card of unknown value coming to me in the mail here soon, as well as student loan which should arrive in my account in a few weeks time, hopefully... But until then Im broke as broke can be. Believe you me it is not fun, not knowing whats going on in class because you dint do the reading for a course because you couldnt afford to buy the books and you know absolutely no one in it because they are mostly first year students, whereas you are in your fifth year. Blargh...
If only the stoopid school website had have let me register for just one course online before I got here I would have had an extra $75 that I could have bought food with, but NOOoooOOO. Whatever... Im starting to sound angsty. I don't like sounding angsty cuz that makes it seem like I'm complaining to someone and... well... relying on someone... not that I dont want to have ppl to rely on I just dont like putting them in the situation where I have to rely on them... Like how my parents told me that if I needed money or anything to give them a call, but I hate asking my parents for money I had to do it once this summer already and I don't want to have to do it again. They have more than enough fo me to get me where I am. I should have to climb out of this hole I've dug for myself bymyself.
Or at least that's how I see that I should do things...
Grr... argh... guh...
Why do I put things off, why do I procrastinate. Why do I think more than act. Hell if I acted on half the things I thought I'd prolly have a gf now and have money and be in medschool. FUCK!
Well I should go and read some comics or something to calm me down before I head to class...
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