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A walk

I was really bored and was having a hard time not fidgeting while sitting around my aptment with nothing to do, because we currently dont have the internet or Tv programming of any sort yet, thus Ive read 3 books since I got back to school. So tonight I decided to go for a walk... I was gonna go to the golf course and lay around on one of the greens and stare at teh sky for a while, but when I got there there was far too much overgrowth on the path there to want to go through to the course so i opted instead to spend my evening sitting in the computer lab on the intarweb. After talking with Kat she pointed out that I basically had decided there was too much nature outside so I surrounded myself with technology. It's kinda sad that I'd do that but meh I was hopin to be able to talk to some friends, cuz this is like the only place I get to do it so meh... I just thought I would add this lil fact for today before I went back up the hill to go to bed...
May the Force be with you,
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