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It's My B-day

So yeah I don't know how many of my friends even still use LJ I've been away from it for so long...
But it's my birthday today, yay, I'm 22. I feel so freaking old theres so many new faces here at school I know so few ppl now cuz, practically all of my friends graduated when they were supposed to, not many ppl are left that I like to hang out with out here in Queerbec... what am I saying there really isnt anyone left out here that I know enough to hang out with.
Blar, Im feeling kinda depressed, mainly cuz I dont have the intarweb at my apt yet, so I can vent my depression on the friends I do have over MSN. The depression could also be due to the fact that I am so out of money that all I have to eat here is rice, cereal and KD. I'm not a small guy I needs to eat more than that to survive, but my rents havent sent the $50 they said they would so I could get groceries before my student loan get processed.
Oh the woes of being a broke student... I sound so emo... ugh.. I kinda feel emo too... luckily I dont look too emo.. heh... BLAR
Im sure the year will get better once I get my loan, I mean its a buttload of money and even if i do budget it I should have enough to splurge here and there to make me happy right? guh...
Well I shoudl get back to finding out how many schools I cant get into because I dont have the all the prerequisits... blah... I wish my life would make a turn for the better soon...
meh... whatever...
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