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how many roads must a man walk down?

I went to see The Hitchhikers Guide to teh Galaxy last night. Wow that was an amazing movie... I'll agree with some of the reviews I read that there were some things that could have been added to it to make it more Duglas Adams-esque, but then it would have been a much longer movie.. not that that would be a bad thing, but its something directors have to deal with a lot, the whole cutting of things they would really like to see in a movie so that it has a decent run length...

As for a comic this weekend I dont think it will happen because I'd have to do pretty much the entire thing oday, and well I just cant see that happening... I'm a lazy ass I know, but after this weekend I should be god for updating on time from now on, hopefully...

So yeah my plans for this summer have changed now that I cant find anything besides building fish nets here in town, I've decided that I'ma move up to Freddy town and work at the call center my cousin does, and live with him and my ex. That may be a lil akward but meh, it'll be uber fun to live with Graham, and Freddy has so much more to do than crummy old St. George. Plus pretty much all of my friends live there save a few in St. John and one here in St. George, who is also thinking of moving to Freddy in the near future. This summer will be pretty sweet, not having to drive for an hour and a half, just to hang out with my friends. My mom doesnt think its that great of an idea cuz she says I'll be spending more, but i'll be saving a lot more, because I wont have to travel to visit friends so much.

Well yeah I gots to go rot my brain on the new game I bought last night...

Peace, love and crabs
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