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Damned stuffed up sinuses...

So I got a cold from being out in the rain all last weekend, and dint get my comic done till yesterday, so I decided at that point, with nothing started for the next one I should just wait to do an update this weekend, that way I'll have time to come up with something for the week after cuz I have no ideas at this point. Mebbe I should go through all the old ideas I have on paper and in MSN messages with friends.... that might get me somewhere... or mebbe not, Im not sure...

But Ima be headin up to Freddy this weekend. WOO! fun times and some drunkeness hopefully... its been like forever, well mebbe a month since i seen those freddy folk. I just hope Im feelin a bit better before I go up... meh the beer will make me forget aboot the sick.

umm I was gonna say other stuff but things distracted me, and now I dont remmeber. I hate when that happens...

Oh yeah I wanted to express my ire for my comp not working online, Im sure the comic would have been done sunday night if it was connected, then you would have had to wait this weekend for me to come up with a new comic idea... I hope I dont have the no comic syndrome I had last summer cuz that would suck for ppl who enjoy my comic... all three of you...

well Ima go back to my lazy self, mebbe go back to the confines of my room that has no internet, no satellite/cable, no phone, no connection to the outside world and try to some up with soemthing... as if that will happen... I need my friends to be funny they are my inspiration, or something... they are atleast pretty important to me and I hate being cut off from them...

enough whining from me!

live long and prosper.
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