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No comic till i get back... :(

Yeah, so I tried to get the comic done, but I frigged around too much earlier today getting ready to go this camp Im goin on this weekend, and now I have like an hour before we're gonna leave. I only was able to completely finish the first panel, and started on the second one. Theys is all inked I just gotta colour them. I'll finish them up when I get back on Sunday, and have been able to sleep for a while.
Sorry everyone, all three of you... I'd make it up to you some how, but Im not sure what I could do, I mean comic-wise...

Wow getting ready for a camp at the last minute around here is quite an ordeal, with everyone getting on everyone elses nerves, and yeah... Im glad I packed earlier today, so I can just sit here and type this out.

Oh yeah Buzzcomix is down for the time being, so you can't vote for me till they get back online or whatever they need to do. Its a pretty normal occurance I guess, seems to happen every couple of months or so...

I just had Deja vue... weird but whatever...

but yeah I must sally forth!
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