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Pineapple, yo!

Jade Empire is an evil master, it sucks you in and makes you keep playing until your will to live beyond it is zero. No really it is an amazing game. It's like KOTOR but better. If you've never played KOTOR, well then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about then, now will you? Jade Empire has some amazing graphics, brilliant voice acting, and some kick ass martial arts. I'm more and more impressed with biowares releases, they just keep getting better and better.

Well enuf about being a video game freak, Im pretty close to being finished my next comic, and hopefully i'll get it done and uploaded before I leave this weekend to go camping, if not Im sorry the whole three of you out there that read it.

Im kinda bitter right now, because for some odd reason my comp doesnt wanna go online, I think something may have happened to the network card during the trip, cuz the wire from teh router is fine and the internet works on every other comp in the house, besides mine... the orange light on the ethernet card just blinks on and off and the green light doesnt blink at all... im not sure what that means, but usually the orange light is always on and the green light blinks when it works.I know quite a bit about comps, but ethernet cards are definitely not my forte.

Well anyways I should get some clothes on and do what I gotta do over at the mounty barracks, here now, shortly.

Peace, love, and crabs
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