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Mmmmm... Chocolate chip cookie dough... *drools*

So yeah comin home tomorrow. Should be packing, but im making cookies instead. It wont take me long to pack i dont think, I just hope that I remember everything.I always hate it when I forget to bring something home that I really wanted to bring... Im really not looking forward to packing up my comp, cuz I have to go inside it and screw everything in, so that it doesnt wreck anything on the bumpy road home. That would suck! I love my comp, I mean I hand selected most of the peices in it and built it myself, although I hope to get a new one sometime soon, cuz this one doesnt really stand up to the test that the newer comps ummm i kinda lost my train of theought there... but yeah my comp sucks compared to new ones. I mean 800MHz pIII 384MB ram with like 40 Gigs of hard drives in it. blah... damn these are some damned good cookies!

The rafting trip, it dint happen. Im kinda disappointed, I was really looking forward to it, but everyone disappeared last night when I tried to call to get some hands to help me lift some stuff we absolutely needed I tried to by myself, but a solo pallette run just doesnt work. Also Chudy never showed, but he's been having a hectic life this week, so he has an excuse. But, the others not so much, I mean I called Dave to tell him I wanted to get stuff at midnight again, but when I called then there was no answer. He was being a puss anyways, he wouldnt even go with me to case one of the places, he just stood on the railroad tracks while i could have been easily caught because of the motion sensor light they set up on the barrels. It was kinda like they set the place up to keep us from stealing barrels from them. I don't blame them, but it was kinda neat seeing that they rearranged the place just because a few barrels went missing 4 years in a row.

Its a new month that means that the buzzcomix list was reset meaning I need everyone out there to vote and read my comic too I guess...
Well its time to get packing now I guess...
later days!
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