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Of Rafting and Exams

Finished my last exam and my leftover lab write ups Thursday, that was quite the load offa my shoulders, and I feel very confident about the marks I will be making in my courses this year.

Im goin on my raft trip tomorrow, it was supposed to be today, but Chudy wouldnt be able to make it till tomorrow and without him it wouldnt be quite the same. Besides, I still have to "acquire" pallettes and 2x4's. Although last night was pretty productive, Eric, Lindsey, and I got all the barrels we would need, but Dave my first mate, like completely dissppeared, even tho I was with him the night before casing the place where we got the barrels from, but he's a bit of a chicken nayways, he wouldn't even go on the property when I was checking it out with him, he just stood on the railroad tracks and waited for me to come running back after I found out they had motion sensors on the pile of good barrels. We got em anyways last night, and got them out to the launch site ready and waiting for us. I'm prolly gonna have to force Dave to come with me tonight to acquire the pallettes we need, it oculd be a bit hard tho cuz the place I was plannin on getting em from dint seem to have any when I went by to check it out last night. Hrrmmmm... meh...
We're prolly gonna wind up buying 2x4's tho, and they shouldnt be too expensive I dont think, we'll I asked my dad and he said they are between $2 and $10 each, so we shall see... The rents were supposed to be sending me $100 to come home withthat I could dip into to buy the boards, but its not in my account, so I dont know. I'm not sure if $20 will be enuf money... lets hope so.
then theres the paddle/oar issue, none of us have any, Chudy might, but he might not make it, and they are quite essential to being able to make it down the river. We could fashion some, but thats kinda iffy. This whole thing is pretty iffy this year and I'm not liking it much. It's cuz Chudy and Karl arent around to take charge. I really hope it goes well...

right after we do this Ima be heading home to New Brunswick for the summer I cant wait to see everyone. I think this will be a great summer!

Well Im outa ideas for things to write about today, I should get dressed and go find some place to get pallettes and 2x4s.
Peace out Homie!

P.S. Oh yeah, theres a new comic up. Click here to get to it and click here to vote for it, cuz the button image from them still isnt working. I'm really gonna have to make one myself one of these days...
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