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Me so tired

So I finished my second to last exam today... It was brutal, but I'm pretty sure I did alright on it, I knew the answer to every question exept one, so thats good eh?
Holey freakin crap am I ever tired tho... I stayed up till 3am studying, and chatting with ppl, then woke up at 6am to continue studying and wound up chatting with ppl for a lil bit, then I went to the library to study with a buttload of ppl from the class then finally at 2pm I wrote the exam. after about an hour into it I thought I was gonna fall asleep... and nearly did, but i got out of it after 2 and a quartter hours. Then I came home to try to nap but ppl kept callin me... and well Im up now, but im not sure for how long, cuz Fuck am I ever tired... I may work on the comic a bit tonight before i get back into studying for my last exam...


I really kinda felt like screaming this morning while studying.. I thought it would help to alleviate the stress of exams and i was prolly right, but I couldnt really cuz I was in the middle of the library, and i wanted to respect the other ppl working... but I'll sure be glad once these exams are done. BOO on stress! I rarely get stresseed and rarely show it, but I hate it when I am... its not pleasant...

well anyways... I should go cuz my new roomate just called and wants me to help her move some stuff in now, YAY! not all alone for much longer...

Good luck, y'all, dont die!
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