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I hate exams

Got an exam tomorrow at 2, it should be all right as long as i get enuf studying done tonight. I've meved into my new room, its quite bigger than my last room, but now both my room mates have moved out so I'm sitting here all alone in my apt, till tuesday when my new roommate moves in. I'm not sure what she's gonna be like, she seems quite a quiet person, but I thought that of Erica at first, and well lets just say that I'm glad that Im not living with her ever again.
I found out while I was moving crap across teh hall that I have way too much stuff... I mean there is a huge pile of crap behinmd me that I dont really have anywhere to put, and I have to sort through all of it in order to be able to get into my closet. Guh Im really not looking forward to it, but I'll wait until after i finish all my exams to deal with it.
The comic looks like it should be finished in time for an update this weekend, seeing as all teh panels are scanned and inked, and half are coloured, so I just gotta finish the other two's colours tehn do the shading and such and they should be done, but I really shouldn't be working on them at all, seeing as I have to study a lot of crap in order to be ready for my upcoming exams...
blah.... back to studying now...
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