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Exams... ugh...

Well I had my first exam yesterday. It was a lil nerve racking I guess, seeing I was an idiot and dint start really studying till the night before, not the brightest move on my part, but i couldnt get into studying for it. My mind just wouldn't stay on track, I'd get all caught up in something else, like tv or drawing, when I should have been studying. I don't think I did too bad on it, I knew most everything except for three questions, unfortunately one of those three was worth 15%. eep! But I'm confident on the rest of my questions, so I should do all right.
So I don't have another exam until monday, got a bit o time off so I can start studying for the rest of my exams and so I do good on my organic, thats pretty much the only exam I'm really scared for, and its my last.

After my exams I'm very much looking forward to, cuz right after me and some buddies are building a raft and riding it down the massawippi river. It's a yearly tradition here for me an my friends, this'll be the 4th year running, and I'm pretty much the only original crew member left, therefore I get to be captain this year, well I guess I was captain of one of the rafts last year, the one that made it and dint crash into an island and sink, but the guy who came up with the idea 4 years ago was on my raft as well and he was the admiral of the "fleet". So he was kinda in control of my raft.

After I get done that, then I can go home and I'ma be an adviser for a venturer camp or something that Dad signed me up for without really asking me about, but I dont really mind, camping is fun! and we get to go canoing or something I dont really know all the details of the trip, but it should be fun times, being an influence on young malleable minds. MUAHAHAHAHA! the boy being one of them. (for those of you who dont know, the boy is my bro)

Then I get to go party some in freddy and find work and have a grood summer hopefully...
Well I'ma go start "studying" or somethin
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