Wow it's been forever since I put anything in here...

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I could see that except the whole swinging around being all acrobatic n junk. I'm like as graceful as refridgerator. And the skin tight spandex suit would not a pretty thing on me.
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Sooo bored...

So Im sittig here with nothing to do for another hour till my next class starts... and holey carp the keyboard Im using blows chunks... missing letters everywhere, so that I have to go back and fix them so that whoever reads this may have at least a tiny bit of understanding what Im going on about.
I wish I had money. I currently have about $3 in both of my bank accounts. Which is not enough to live off of. However, I have a credit card of unknown value coming to me in the mail here soon, as well as student loan which should arrive in my account in a few weeks time, hopefully... But until then Im broke as broke can be. Believe you me it is not fun, not knowing whats going on in class because you dint do the reading for a course because you couldnt afford to buy the books and you know absolutely no one in it because they are mostly first year students, whereas you are in your fifth year. Blargh...
If only the stoopid school website had have let me register for just one course online before I got here I would have had an extra $75 that I could have bought food with, but NOOoooOOO. Whatever... Im starting to sound angsty. I don't like sounding angsty cuz that makes it seem like I'm complaining to someone and... well... relying on someone... not that I dont want to have ppl to rely on I just dont like putting them in the situation where I have to rely on them... Like how my parents told me that if I needed money or anything to give them a call, but I hate asking my parents for money I had to do it once this summer already and I don't want to have to do it again. They have more than enough fo me to get me where I am. I should have to climb out of this hole I've dug for myself bymyself.
Or at least that's how I see that I should do things...
Grr... argh... guh...
Why do I put things off, why do I procrastinate. Why do I think more than act. Hell if I acted on half the things I thought I'd prolly have a gf now and have money and be in medschool. FUCK!
Well I should go and read some comics or something to calm me down before I head to class...
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The latest comic

So there may have been some confusion about the last comic.
We were just sitting around in Jenn and Justin's basement not really doing anythnig and all of a sudden Porter yells that. We all know Porter well enough to realize this is just some of his randomness, and thought not much of it and just kept on sitting around as if nothing happened. I was gonna make it a three panel comic where we were all sitting around doing nothing in the first one, then Porter yelling that, then us still just sitting there as if nothing happened...
Im not sure if that would have made it any less confusing, but whatever I dint want it to be a huge assed comic, with no real point so I left it at one panel... whatever.
a bien-tot
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A walk

I was really bored and was having a hard time not fidgeting while sitting around my aptment with nothing to do, because we currently dont have the internet or Tv programming of any sort yet, thus Ive read 3 books since I got back to school. So tonight I decided to go for a walk... I was gonna go to the golf course and lay around on one of the greens and stare at teh sky for a while, but when I got there there was far too much overgrowth on the path there to want to go through to the course so i opted instead to spend my evening sitting in the computer lab on the intarweb. After talking with Kat she pointed out that I basically had decided there was too much nature outside so I surrounded myself with technology. It's kinda sad that I'd do that but meh I was hopin to be able to talk to some friends, cuz this is like the only place I get to do it so meh... I just thought I would add this lil fact for today before I went back up the hill to go to bed...
May the Force be with you,
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It's My B-day

So yeah I don't know how many of my friends even still use LJ I've been away from it for so long...
But it's my birthday today, yay, I'm 22. I feel so freaking old theres so many new faces here at school I know so few ppl now cuz, practically all of my friends graduated when they were supposed to, not many ppl are left that I like to hang out with out here in Queerbec... what am I saying there really isnt anyone left out here that I know enough to hang out with.
Blar, Im feeling kinda depressed, mainly cuz I dont have the intarweb at my apt yet, so I can vent my depression on the friends I do have over MSN. The depression could also be due to the fact that I am so out of money that all I have to eat here is rice, cereal and KD. I'm not a small guy I needs to eat more than that to survive, but my rents havent sent the $50 they said they would so I could get groceries before my student loan get processed.
Oh the woes of being a broke student... I sound so emo... ugh.. I kinda feel emo too... luckily I dont look too emo.. heh... BLAR
Im sure the year will get better once I get my loan, I mean its a buttload of money and even if i do budget it I should have enough to splurge here and there to make me happy right? guh...
Well I shoudl get back to finding out how many schools I cant get into because I dont have the all the prerequisits... blah... I wish my life would make a turn for the better soon...
meh... whatever...
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how many roads must a man walk down?

I went to see The Hitchhikers Guide to teh Galaxy last night. Wow that was an amazing movie... I'll agree with some of the reviews I read that there were some things that could have been added to it to make it more Duglas Adams-esque, but then it would have been a much longer movie.. not that that would be a bad thing, but its something directors have to deal with a lot, the whole cutting of things they would really like to see in a movie so that it has a decent run length...

As for a comic this weekend I dont think it will happen because I'd have to do pretty much the entire thing oday, and well I just cant see that happening... I'm a lazy ass I know, but after this weekend I should be god for updating on time from now on, hopefully...

So yeah my plans for this summer have changed now that I cant find anything besides building fish nets here in town, I've decided that I'ma move up to Freddy town and work at the call center my cousin does, and live with him and my ex. That may be a lil akward but meh, it'll be uber fun to live with Graham, and Freddy has so much more to do than crummy old St. George. Plus pretty much all of my friends live there save a few in St. John and one here in St. George, who is also thinking of moving to Freddy in the near future. This summer will be pretty sweet, not having to drive for an hour and a half, just to hang out with my friends. My mom doesnt think its that great of an idea cuz she says I'll be spending more, but i'll be saving a lot more, because I wont have to travel to visit friends so much.

Well yeah I gots to go rot my brain on the new game I bought last night...

Peace, love and crabs
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Damned stuffed up sinuses...

So I got a cold from being out in the rain all last weekend, and dint get my comic done till yesterday, so I decided at that point, with nothing started for the next one I should just wait to do an update this weekend, that way I'll have time to come up with something for the week after cuz I have no ideas at this point. Mebbe I should go through all the old ideas I have on paper and in MSN messages with friends.... that might get me somewhere... or mebbe not, Im not sure...

But Ima be headin up to Freddy this weekend. WOO! fun times and some drunkeness hopefully... its been like forever, well mebbe a month since i seen those freddy folk. I just hope Im feelin a bit better before I go up... meh the beer will make me forget aboot the sick.

umm I was gonna say other stuff but things distracted me, and now I dont remmeber. I hate when that happens...

Oh yeah I wanted to express my ire for my comp not working online, Im sure the comic would have been done sunday night if it was connected, then you would have had to wait this weekend for me to come up with a new comic idea... I hope I dont have the no comic syndrome I had last summer cuz that would suck for ppl who enjoy my comic... all three of you...

well Ima go back to my lazy self, mebbe go back to the confines of my room that has no internet, no satellite/cable, no phone, no connection to the outside world and try to some up with soemthing... as if that will happen... I need my friends to be funny they are my inspiration, or something... they are atleast pretty important to me and I hate being cut off from them...

enough whining from me!

live long and prosper.
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No comic till i get back... :(

Yeah, so I tried to get the comic done, but I frigged around too much earlier today getting ready to go this camp Im goin on this weekend, and now I have like an hour before we're gonna leave. I only was able to completely finish the first panel, and started on the second one. Theys is all inked I just gotta colour them. I'll finish them up when I get back on Sunday, and have been able to sleep for a while.
Sorry everyone, all three of you... I'd make it up to you some how, but Im not sure what I could do, I mean comic-wise...

Wow getting ready for a camp at the last minute around here is quite an ordeal, with everyone getting on everyone elses nerves, and yeah... Im glad I packed earlier today, so I can just sit here and type this out.

Oh yeah Buzzcomix is down for the time being, so you can't vote for me till they get back online or whatever they need to do. Its a pretty normal occurance I guess, seems to happen every couple of months or so...

I just had Deja vue... weird but whatever...

but yeah I must sally forth!
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Pineapple, yo!

Jade Empire is an evil master, it sucks you in and makes you keep playing until your will to live beyond it is zero. No really it is an amazing game. It's like KOTOR but better. If you've never played KOTOR, well then you'll have no idea what I'm talking about then, now will you? Jade Empire has some amazing graphics, brilliant voice acting, and some kick ass martial arts. I'm more and more impressed with biowares releases, they just keep getting better and better.

Well enuf about being a video game freak, Im pretty close to being finished my next comic, and hopefully i'll get it done and uploaded before I leave this weekend to go camping, if not Im sorry the whole three of you out there that read it.

Im kinda bitter right now, because for some odd reason my comp doesnt wanna go online, I think something may have happened to the network card during the trip, cuz the wire from teh router is fine and the internet works on every other comp in the house, besides mine... the orange light on the ethernet card just blinks on and off and the green light doesnt blink at all... im not sure what that means, but usually the orange light is always on and the green light blinks when it works.I know quite a bit about comps, but ethernet cards are definitely not my forte.

Well anyways I should get some clothes on and do what I gotta do over at the mounty barracks, here now, shortly.

Peace, love, and crabs
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